Friday, July 24, 2009

Hannah Montanna!!

Last month we went to watch HANNAH MONTANA!!! at Kuala Lumpur .I went with Mak Teh, Abg Aiman, me(starz),Yusuf and Aisyah.We had lots of fun. Actually,we went there by train; from Klang to KL sentral. Then we took the LRT to KLCC. It was a long trip.....we bought 5 tickets.

We din't want to waste our time standing and wait for the movie to start, so we went window shopping at the mall and stopped at a television store.We saw a HUGE TELEVISION as big as a ...i don't know??? But you will need two of me to make the tall of the television.Then we went o a small museum. We learned a bit.OH it's time so we ran to the cinema and bought pop corn and drinks .Wanna know the story?? All right i will tell you the story

"A sneaky reporter is on a mission to discover Hannah's secret!if he finds out that Hannah is really Miley oh my gosh ....whats worst,Miley forgets her best friend Lilly's sixteenth birthday.So her dad Roby Ray,insists on a trip back home to Tennessee.Surrounded by her family and old friends and when the reporter gets really close to discovering her secret but his daughter likes Hannah Montana we all know he wont dare to do it.But Hannah did admit in front of Tennessee that she was Miley. I liked the part when she said "The last time I stood on this stage,I was six. I was just Miley,"she told everyone. Then she reached up and pulled of her wig."I still am."

I wish I was like her....HANNAN MONTANAN...muahahhaaa

Monday, January 26, 2009

What I did on Chinese NewYear

The weird cloud circle across the sky. Looks like a capital "U" COOL!!!

3 girls sharing a drink (delicious!) at lunch .
Aisyah,Me and Syazz.

Everyone having a go at the drum


What happened to the body???

It's missing!!!!

A lion dance performance

It looks like a lion and half like a dragon.

My favourite...the inflatable funland!

So much fun, you really need to try slide on it.


Syazz and Aisyah having fun.

At the Curve (from left - Aiman, Yusuf, Umar, Aisyah, Syzlynn, Safia and Hannan)

syazlynn is my friend I invited her to my sleep over party.So she followed us to the Curve.

Jalan-jalan cari makan...
The foure musketeers are hungry.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Every Sunday, my brother and I go for our swimming lesson at Shah Alam. I like swimming because it is fun and there are many tricks that we can do in the water.
These pictures were taken at my grandfather's friend's house in Damansara Heights. His house is huge and beautiful. I really like his house very much because it has a lift and a swimming pool.

My cousins and I had a wonderful time swimming in the pool. We didn't want to leave the pool when it was time to go home.

I hope we can go to his house again soon.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Wolf And The Dog

Long ago, dogs and wolves lived together in the jungle.They went to the farms to steal chicken for food.
The farmers lit fires to keep the wolves and dogs away.The wolves were frightened of the fires but not the dogs.

One day, the dog said to the wolf,"I'm going to steal a chicken for both of us.Wait for me in the jungle.

On reaching the farm,the dog was caught by the farmer."Please forgive me and I promise to take care of your chickens from the wolves," said the dog.

The dog was very faithful to the farmer and took good care of his chicken.The farmer gave him bones and meat to eat every day.

Meanwhile,the wolf was was still waiting in the jungle for his friend's return.Till now, everyone can hear the wolf howling when night falls. It is calling for the dog to return to the jungle.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

An Afternoon With A Monkey

A few days ago, a little monkey arrived at our place. It was a small monkey and its colour was brown. The naughty monkey then went into people's houses and ate the food there.

My neighbour called the firemen and they came in a big red truck. That evening they did not get to catch the monkey. It ran out of the house into the night.

Today, which is Saturday I heard my friends screaming outside my house. I rushed out quickly. I found out that they were chasing after the monkey. I took my camera with me and took many pictures of the monkey and my friends.

I was looking at the pictures that I had taken when suddenly the monkey was beside me. It almost bit me. A small girl fell down when she was running away from the monkey and got bitten later.

A little boy got close to the monkey and ....... do you want to know what happened?... the monkey chased the little boy and he ran as fast as he could towards his uncle. So did the too ran towards the boy's uncle. Luckily the little boy escaped from the monkey.

After a few minutes, the monkey went to my other neighbour's house. My friend tried to feed it with a carrot.The monkey threw the carrot to us and went inside the compound of her house.

The monkey chased her cats. She was so scared, she ran into her house and took the 3 little kittens. The kittens were so cute.

We tried to give it some bananas. The monkey ate one bit and threw the bananas towards us. We couldn't do anything. At this moment it is still here hiding somewhere at our housing area.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Introducing me - STARZ